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Smart home in the villa zone Pancharevo ( Pancharevo (Sofia), Bulgaria )

One of the peculiarities of automation and smart home is that on the one hand there are more processes than are usually integrated in apartments, where they are more limited and concentrated. When building home automation, we have a larger built-up area, often on several floors. There is a yard with specific automation and comfort systems, such as portal automation, irrigation systems, garden lighting. The larger area and the yard suggest a bigger security test. Perimeter security and video surveillance integrated into the smart home come to the rescue.
Another feature is that, unlike complexes or large buildings with automation (BMS), in houses the operator and system administrator is often the owner. This requires management and operation of the systems to be easy and time-consuming. Here comes to the aid of our mobile application (available for Android, iOS, and Huawei smart devices). Thanks to it, the management and settings of your smart home are extremely easy.

In the completed project in the villa zone of Pancharevo we managed to combine high security through perimeter security and video surveillance cameras, as well as an integrated system for unlocking the portal, garage and entrance. Another aspect of the built systems is the zoned alarm system. SOT control by telephone provides remote access and monitoring.

The latest generation automated irrigation system optimizes costs extremely much, with a parallel irrigation system with collected rainwater, as well as one from the treatment plant. Smart irrigation provides “green” comfort and care for the garden without burdening the owners with unnecessary actions and investments in gardening.

120 sq.m. 30 days

Workday tracking software for Klips / Sofia

Sofia, Bulgaria
  • Control of working time
  • Custom System
  • Time attendance
12 mounts

Smart home on an iconic Bulgarian metropolitan street

Sofia, Bulgaria
  • Alarm system
  • CCTV
  • Electrical installations
  • Fire alarm system
  • Smart Home
  • Smart system