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Hotel software

The Web has changed the world and we with our hotel software do the same for hoteliers. The hotel software we offer is also modular, and it is no exception to our other products. The software is also based on the  „Centryl“framework and the hardware is flexible and innovative. In the demo you can see the basic components of the hotel software system, the innovative is that it is web-based and is available from any device that has an internet connection.

Centralized web-based hotel management software for hotels

Problem: Nowadays, the successful hotel business is based mainly on a good team. Its main purpose is to provide fast and efficient customer service and correct attitude towards business owners. It’s no secret that most of the big marketing chains are more likely to be abused. The main reason for this is that management can not monitor and control all processes, especially if the marketing chain is larger and has many visitors and employees. The location at various resorts, cities and countries also impedes physical overview of hotels and things that happen in them.

Solution: We have found a solution to these problems. Through our hotel management software and hardware security product, owners and hotel managers receive centralized access and the ability to monitor and manage all hotel activities and processes. Several objects can be added to the platform, making it easy  to monitor them. Thanks to flexible functionalities, it is possible for hotels to use different management methods, but to use common warehouse, staffing and others.

Hotel software – an intuitive system that is easy to manage and work with

Problem: One concern for hotel managers is staff turnover. In many cases hotels operate seasonally – summer is a more active season for seaside resorts and winter for mountain side. When implementing hotel software,staff often need to be trained to work with it. These continuous training become annoying, and often lead to mistakes in work. On the other hand, managers must either pay for the visits of a specialist from the company providing and maintaining the hotel software system to conduct the training or to lose their precious time in conducting the training.

хотелски софтуер


Solution: Of course, we have also thought about it in our hotel management software. The software structure is intuitive and built on a step-by-step basis. When working with hotel software, the system itself directs users to the right stuff to complete. If you make a mistake it is easy to find and correct it. The hotel software system has Help buttons that provide additional information on what needs to be filled in a field. We have taken care of the trouble-free operation with our system.

Next generation support with hotel software

Problem: Once we implement the hotel software system, there is the process of working with it. Then you often need to get help, at least until employees get used to working with it. With online platforms and software, things are developing dynamically. Frequent and timely updates of the system will ensure its smooth functioning and will improve the security of already entered data.

In hotel software systems of new generation have client accounts. In them, customers see and manage their bookings, they can track the costs that are accrued on their account. This means that both hotel staff and multiple customers can access the system. This leads to questions and different situations where the intervention of the system maintenance may be necessary.

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Solution: Due to the multilevel support , that we have organized, we cover all possible situations and solve problems. The first level is the intuitive system. It helps users of hotel software to navigate what they can regulate and manage in the system, and to use information and clues to what is required of them when working with the system. Separately, we offer support for everything that includes troubleshooting, individual module development, and periodic backup of all software data. This ensures smooth functionality of the hotel software system and its security.

Seamless functionality and security

The innovation that we offer is that our system has built in an internal chat system. This allows the system to ask for help from another software user, as well as from our company and our software support department. To ensure trouble-free operation and timely assistance, we have a support team. It is available 24 hours for hotel software users. The system is web-based,which helps to work with the system and solve problems arising during operation. In many cases installation-based systems require an on-site team visit to help hotel staff and their clients. With our hotel system, in many cases our supporting team can help remotely.

хотелски софтуер


Hotel software for managing the entire hotel – restaurants, bars, parking, gym, swimming pool

Problem: In larger hotels (and often in smaller ones) besides the hotel part, there are many other premises with different activities. Such are restaurants, bars, pool, parking, gym, spa center, meeting rooms, casino and more. Often they are part of the hotel but are managed separately. Accordingly, they need a different management and accountability system. Using different systems and management approaches requires twice as much work. Of the one part, in the organization of activities and stocks, of the other part, in customer service. When using an unintegrated system, it is necessary to transfer data from one system to another. This often impedes accounting. Monitoring  of processes is also hampered by management.

Solution: Thanks to VАiОS’ general system, the hotel can add fitness halls, conference rooms, parking, bars, restaurants, spa centers, and more. The common hotel management software assists in the rapid and accurate exchange of information between the hotel units. Managers and owners receive a general and summarized picture of the processes and sales at the hotel. It is much easier to find work problems that can be eliminated, as well as improving customer service.

Comfort and security for your hotel guests with hotel software

Тhis increases the comfort and security of the guests. They can easily use all the activities in the hotel, and the information about them is in one place. For example, consume drinks in the bar and the bill automatically be charged to their room. If they use a car park, this may also be tied to their account. In addition to comfort, security also increases. Customers feel confident they will only pay for their consumption. The system implies and the elimination of cash payments.

So without money in pockets, the hotel guests use different entertainment and services, and pay at the end of the stay or have pre-loaded their card or bracelet for a certain amount of money. The latter is very convenient for families with children. Parents will not worry that children’s money can be lost and at the same time will have a look at what they are spent on. The system allows easy management of conference rooms by compiling certain schedules.

Guaranteed reliable room service with hotel software

  • ability to control the cleaning time;
  • managing the resources and costs of each room;
  • controlling of mini bar, shampoos, soaps, towels, etc.;

Problem: One of the day-to-day activities related to the hotel service is the maintenance of the rooms. This includes daily cleaning, changing sheets, towels, toiletries and a mini bar. Often the organization of these activities is complex and with low control. When leaving the room, it is sometimes hard for the hotel guests to wait until a staff member checks if they have used anything from the mini bar or if there is any damage to the room that should be paid.


Solution: Our hotel management software system allows the organization of room cleaning with flexible schedules. There is information about inventory and inventory is maintained for each room. This makes the check sure and fast. Hotel managers are given the opportunity to optimize cleaning time, and if an employee does not handle them in time or qualitatively, the system will notify managers. The advantages of the guests are the discretion of the service. The room management and service system also helps optimize operating costs.

Client Accounts and Site Reservation Management, Software, Booking

Problem: In many hotels using hotel software, there is no user (client) accounts. This makes it difficult to trace information that concerns customers and hotel guests and often leads to doubts or inconvenience.

Solution: In the hotel software system of VAiOS, every client and guest of the hotel has their own account. They can find information about reservations, whether they are made through the hotel’s website, at the reception or through a reservation website (such as booking). Guests can track where and what amounts have been used in the hotel – parking, bars and restaurants, a spa and gym. This raises the confidence of your guests and helps them stay calm. Software ensures transparency of service for the various services and products offered by the hotel. As we know the best reviews for a hotel business are satisfied guests and customers.

We, at VAiOS strive to constantly improve our hotel system and take into consideration both the interest of managers and hotel owners and their guests. If you want to know more about our hotel software, you can contact us.