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Smart home and smart office software

Smart Home / Office software is based on our framework, like all other VAiOS software products.

Smart home / smart office software is a web-based platform. It combines innovation, which we have developed and modernized over the years. The smart home/office is the new “modern” home/office nowadays.

Nowadays VAiOS smart home is not just a luxury, but a necessity. Thanks to our closed production process – hardware and software, we can offer you our high quality product – “VAiOS smart home” at an extremely good and attractive price.

VAiOS smart home software is the part of the product that is seen by the customer. We have paid serious attention to being able to offer individual design that meets the ideas and needs of our customers. Of course, as hardware manufacturers, the hardware can also be engraved at the customer’s request. With the VAiOS smart office system you get the built-in functionality for monitoring and control of time attendance as well as alarm sensors.

Smart Home is part of the Internet of Things (IoT), the fastest growing high tech segment. This is a network of connected devices that provide us with a fast, convenient, efficient and easy way of control in all aspects of our work and home comfort.

With the VAiOS smart home you do not need to carry a countless keys in your pockets and bags. As you read this article, try to count how many keys you have.

Now let’s tell you that with a VAiOS smart home you will carry one chip only. You can make it even without it but with your smartphone. The amazing thing is that the security of your home or office also increases. It’s not a secret that there is no unbreakable lock for experienced thieves.

The solution is VAiOS-smart-home access control.We have compiled the hardware security with the software. The result we have achieved: wherever we have installed our access control or smart home systems, there are no breaches or vandalism.

Security illustration

Projects illustration

At VAiOS, we focus on the security of our software products. The smart home/ office software is no exception.

It again relies on well-proven and well-known technologies for encrypting our hardware products. It’s secured by SSL protocols, used by banking software, which makes the product unbreakable.

This software for smart home/office has implemented “Machine Self Learning”which helps our product to become a truly Smart home.

Advantages and efficiency of the Smart home software

  • Think instead of you and effectively reduces costs;
  • Determines which temperature is better for you according to the different criteria for assessing the external and internal environment;
  • Your Smart Home system can be programmed entirely according to your lifestyle;

Today we have this product. The product we have created for these 3 years is something unique in smart home systems.

The smart home system remembers your preferences. It’s like a child- it doesn’t know anything about you in the beginning but over time, following your actions and habits, it gets to know you and becomes like you. Moreover, the system begins to copy its owner with the difference that it does not make the normal human mistakes, such as ,,I forgot to turn off the iron”.In such a situation, the software tracks how long you have used the iron on average based on previous situations. Then it sends you a message”Should I stop the iron?” and if no one is home it automatically stops it.