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Software for restaurants, shops and stores

The software for management of restaurants and shops is a set of 2 panels – admin panel for managing the entire business process and customer panel, which is according to the needs of the site.

The restaurant management system is a hardware and software solution that provides automation of all processes related to customer service. Through the system you will easily and quickly offer service to the guests of the restaurant. The innovation is that the processes from the order to the payment take place in a virtual environment. Waiters communicate with customers and the kitchen online, which eliminates the possibility of confusing orders and leaves the “taste” of a pleasant time.

VAiOS Hotel System

Eating is both a social and an intimate experience. Then one often finds solitude and time to think about the important things of the day or not to think about anything. This is one of the reasons why we developed the restaurant management system. It serves customers, minimally engaging visitors with staff.