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Software for sports halls and gyms

The system for Sports halls and Gyms is a cloud-based business VAiOS software built on our own framework.

The system has many features, they can be organized into separate modules which in turn will form a SMART sports hall / gym. Software is becoming an indispensable part of managing all business aspects and the Sports halls and Gyms make no exception.

Benefits of software for Sports halls and Gyms

When software is web-based it allows flexible management of the site. Site managers can: monitor in real time all
transactions that occur; keep an up-to-date database with their clients; track their stocks, expenses and income. For the visitors, convenience is the ability to: pay for the services they use; view an archive of transactions made; manage online their training sessions and more.

VAiOS Hotel System

VAiOS Fitness System

Main modules for managing software for Sports halls and Gyms

Website Module

Our software platform can be linked to the sports club website. This allows visitors to:

  • Be informed about the up-to-dated schedule of activities;

  • Pay for the activities or events they want to participate in;

  • Make an appointment for training hours;

  • Upload and prepare a training program;

  • Track and report of expenses incurred.


The Reports are another functionality of the software. They allow you to take a look over site’s financial results and to analyze them. They give you the chance to track the specific workload.

For example, which products and services are most wanted. As well as results from specific campaigns and promotions.

The system has a built-in “Warehouse” module that allows supply management and stock monitoring.

Online Coaching Module

Our software platform can be linked to the sports club website. This allows visitors to:

  • Allows visitor to choose a personal coach;

  • Preparation and follow-up of training programs;

  • Selection of already prepared programs.

Fitness Calendar Module

Our platform’s calendar ….

  • Workouts Schedule;

  • Allows visitor to choose activities to participate in;

  • Allows visitor to choose a coach to be followed;

  • Notification for changes in the schedule of Workouts and Activities;

  • Administrative management of Workouts and Activities by halls, date, time, coach and others;

  • Recommendation for sports equipment & accessories (shoes, suit, etc.).

Mobile Application

Our software platform can be linked to the sports club website. This allows visitors to:

  • Your gym may have an individual Mobile App, that duplicate main features from web-based version of the


  • Notifications for Workouts and Activities;

  • Make an appointment;

  • Training programs and Workouts.

Locker management

Often the inappropriate lockers’ distribution causes discomfort to visitors. Our software system allows automatic smart distribution of lockers. It takes into account the number of customers who visit the gym at the moment and special algorithm distribute occupancy of lockers.

For example: first visitor takes locker number 1 and next takes locker number 10. Thus, the system calculates which lockers are occupied and prevents the unpleasant “stacking” side by side. This increases comfort and makes the visit more enjoyable and in the same time maintain the privacy of the visitor.

Administrators have a real-time monitoring over occupied lockers. The VIP system allows you to save a specific locker for a specific visitor.

The system for Sports halls and Gyms can be individually developed and modified to meet the needs of a specific site.

The functionality of the whole platform can be extended by adding an “ERP” system In this way will be realized maximum efficiency, easily upgrade and get capabilities that are most beneficial to your business as well as your customers and visitors. Thanks to the fact that all VAiOS business software is web-based, it gives the opportunity different number of clubs to be united together into a single environment platform.

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