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Fire alarm

Fire alarm systems are life-saving and, according to legislation, are mandatory for many buildings. By building multiple objects with different equipment (Bosch, Siemens, Hochiki, Tyco Zettler, etc.) we have accumulated experience and skills in building fire alarm systems. We have a certificate for the maintenance of fire alarm and fire extinguishing systems. This allows us, after building, to continue to take care of them and to perform all required preventive activities.

Vaios is an innovative company. Thanks to our software and hardware manufacturing, we have developed solutions and products that help unify fire detection systems with other systems in the building, such as access control, video surveillance, alarm systems, and more. Thus, we achieve automation of processes and coordination between the electrical systems in the home or building, which makes them respectively a smart home or a building automation (link). Unification of systems allows us to work on predefined scenarios. For example, in the event of an emergency situation, an emergency and the need to evacuate, when the fire alarm system is switched on, certain doors of the access control system can be opened automatically, the lifts entering the emergency mode, and the notification installation to start evacuation messages.



Fire alarm systems generate an alarm when at least one of the combustion components is present – smoke, flame or heat. Fire alarm systems are divided into two types of conventions and addressable. Conventional fire alarm systems are suitable for small objects. Where the alarm area can be quickly traversed and the fire occurring is quickly localized. Addressable fire detection systems are suitable for large objects as well as for objects with complex and specific architecture. We have experience in building both systems. Fire alarm is a system of extreme importance. Our traders and designers can advise you on the best and most modern solutions for your site.


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