Manufacture - Vaios


VAiOS is a high-tech and innovative company. One of the few that have their own production of software and hardware products to be customized to the customer. Not only functional but also visually. We can offer production of hardware and software products that are branded by your design or to make the design for you. The experience and traditions we have for more than ten years give us the confidence that we can assist you in properly planning, designing and manufacturing the product you want.


Laboratory and production line

In hardware terms have our own laboratory and production line for electronics. In our lab, we implement your ideas, test them and pass them on to production. VAiOS also produces serial products such as our access control system.

The production line is equipped with all the necessary machines for the production of modern and innovative products. Security engine production is high, as VAiOS has its own assembly line.

Our own Designer Production Department

Something that distinguishes us is that we have our own design for electronic circuit boards and the products we make. Our software team consists of young and highly qualified specialists. We write on one of the fastest growing programming languages –DART. It is being developed by the GOOGLE team


What makes us unique is that we have our own framework under the Vaios brand. This enables us to be extremely flexible in our capabilities for software development and software solutions.

. We have covered all the processes of creating unique products and realizing successful projects. From hardware design, programming and code writing to visualization of software products, and hardware manufacturing. For all this we offer support and assistance support and assistance.

If you have unconventional ideas that make it difficult for you to find ready solutions on the market – we’re here to help.

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