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Smart Home Appliances

Comfort and relaxation with smart appliances

In the world of smart homes, a central place is the control of household appliances along with home electrical contacts. Or the so-called smart home appliances. How many times have you been worried and asked yourself, “Did I turn off the iron this morning?”. And how often have you had to wait until the water heater boils up to get a shower after a hard day? Have you been on holiday, and worried, you asked, “Did I leave everything at home?” Or another unpleasant moment – to find glowing bulbs for a week or more.

Benefits of smart home appliances

Having smart home appliances has many amenities and benefits. The ability to know if all electrical appliances are out of reach brings us besides the peace of mind for home safety as well as less power costs. In the era of smart devices, we turned our mobile phones into a first tool to check almost everything in our daily lives. We have a GPS navigator, social networks and Facebook communication, Internet access to interesting news for us and many other things. Why not add peace of mind in our day. Removing the safety concerns of our home, we will be able to focus on the work and our loved ones or to secure our complete rest.


With VAiOS Smart Smart Home Systems, you have the freedom to easily control your smart home appliances. You can activate the boiler at home with one button to keep the water warm while you are on the shelf. You can also check not only whether you have turned off the iron but also all other appliances. For example, instead of worrying about your long-awaited break, you can safely enjoy it knowing you have control over your smart home appliances. And that’s just some of the possibilities. The VAiOS team can offer you, instead of digitally entered commands, these functions with voice commands such as: “Turn off the heater!”, “Turn on the boiler!”, “Fill the bathtub!” and so on … let your imagination go free.


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