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Energy management

In today’s daily life, consumption, respectively, of electricity, water, gas and other resources are the largest for the budget of a household. Often, end-of-month bills surprise us, and we start asking, “How do we start saving and what to lose?”.

The other side of the problem is that when we use the utilities we have no real idea of ​​what we spend during the month, of what consumption the unexpectedly high bill has come from and which appliance has expended the resource.

What does energy management mean? 

Energy Management (VAiOS EM) is a module in the smart home that gives us the ability to have a look and control right on that part of the home and home consumption. The implementation of Energy Management in the smart home manages community resources according to the user’s wishes. First of all, you have the opportunity to monitor the consumption of each individual resource: electricity, water, natural gas, hot water and heating (for users with central heating), etc. The system builds up a database and provides you with a complete analysis of both total consumption and individual resources and resources.

As part of the VAiOS Smart Systems, Energy Management has the VAiOS AiL innovation – the machine self-learning system. By introducing characteristics of your needs, the system can offer suggestions and options to cut consumption by building on the database compiled by other users and thus having an objective adviser with the necessary budget cuts.

With VAiOS Energy Management, you can take things in your own hands by setting the optimal monthly consumption. When exhausted, the system automatically stops the resource depleted by data. Yet, due to consumption needs, you can adjust the user’s quantity of utilities at any time, but you know in advance how much this would burden your budget.

With this module, you will be able to optimize household spending and make sure that you are not charged with energy.

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