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Complex and individual smart solutions, designed to solve a variety of tasks and problems.

We provide maximum comfort, security, profitability, and optimization of business processes in businesses or people's homes around the world.


  • Remote control of household appliances
  • Manage the lights when you are away from home
  • Management of sound systems and voice messages
  • Control of automatic curtains and blinds
  • Automatic garage doors
  • Electronic activation of showers, fountains or irrigation systems


  • Constant video surveillance and control of the safety of homes, offices and buildings
  • Access control in the premises, including remote control
  • Water and power management and control
  • Fire safety
  • Integration of chips and automatic doors
  • Maximum security via electronic locks


  • Optimal energy savings
  • Control of working hours in companies and businesses
  • Building efficient parking systems and barriers
  • Automating workflows
  • Monitoring and financial management
  • Human resource Management
  • Production resource planning and supply management

Smart Home

We design intelligent home automation for your needs. With new standards, our home automation systems can build your home to the future.

  • Manage over your phone or other device
  • Instant notifications for any events
  • Setting up automatic tasks and home processes
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Security Systems

Built for control and electronic locking of entrance doors, workflow monitoring, video surveillance and notification.

  • Secure and reliable protection for your family
  • Video surveillance and security systems for business
  • Machine learning
  • Security and protection against hacking due to VAiOS Centryl's specialized software developed by us
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Access control

We design intelligent home automation for your needs. With new standards, our home automation systems can build your home of the future.

  • Electronic locking replaces insecure mechanical locks
  • Keep track of your employees' location
  • Reporting and control of working hours
  • Online access via smartphone
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Building automation

VAIOS develops individual projects for the needs and requirements of the clients buildings and premises.

  • System control through touch-screen monitor
  • Reduces the electricity bill
  • unlimited hardware solutions developed by our VAiOS Technology team
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Automation for business

Designed to control all processes that work with electricity in the building, as well as water and sewage systems and ventilation

  • After temporary optimization and expansion
  • It facilitates control and work
  • Provides protection for the industrial process
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the process



    After agreement with the terms of reference with you, we are developing a detailed design


    the modules and plants that make the system work are produced


    team of professionals are working for us who supply and install all the systems


    periodic maintenance by our qualified specialists from the Centryl software department

How much does cost?

Since we make individual solutions, we can not fix a fixed price without a specific job. For easy service, ask for a quotation via the offer form or call directly and our associate will talk to you and ask you the right questions so we can make an individual offer.

direct contact telephone:
0700 10 544

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Successfully Projects


2000 кв.м. 3 months

First Smart Fitness in Bulgaria

Varna, Bulgaria
  • Access control with bracelet
  • CCTV
  • System of sport centers
43450 1 year

Palace of Justice in Kosovo

Pristina, Kosovo
  • Access control
  • Alarm systems
  • CCTV
  • DMS system
  • Fire alarm
  • Gas detection
8 weeks

Bourgas Airport

Burgas, Bulgaria
  • Clock system
  • Electrical installations
  • Lighting
  • Local Area Network
  • Public address systems

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