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Security systems

Security systems are a combination of means and methods to guard against unauthorized penetration, to maintain the safe state of an project, to prevent, detect and eliminate threats to your life and health. They protect and the integrity of your property, belongings, personal information and databases. Security systems must include all aspects of security – technical, organizational, legal, material and intellectual property, etc. At the same time an important feature of the common security system is the combination of all methods and means of protection under common control to ensures maximum efficiency.
They include:

In the recent years of technology evolution, security systems have enjoyed great popularity. They occupy a major role in the construction or renovation of buildings, providing access to the building, external and internal security of the perimeter. A very important point in building such a system is the proper design (link). Maintaining, shipping, linking and designing (link) are a very important part of the proper functioning of the systems and must be tailored to the individual needs of the user.

Security systems – part of a smart home

Only in the middle of the last century science fiction writers in their books describe beautiful houses. In them, all systems – from lighting to protection – were controlled from a human being. The smart home security home security system is the future that has become a reality.
This allows you to monitor the condition of your home anywhere. You only need a device with internet access: a tablet, a smartphone, or a laptop. The control of the system takes place around the clock, and the signal comes from the owner and the security console as soon as an unusual situation occurs. By the way, you can also check if the alarm is activated remotely. And if it is necessary, it is very easy to turn it off remotely.

An interesting opportunity for “Smart Home” is an imitation of the host’s presence. If the owners leave the house for a long time, the program creates the effect of their presence. Periodically turning on the lights in different rooms, TV or radio. By the way, with the help of a “smart” security system, hosts can even respond to intercom calls, open the gate or doors – of course, if the guest is welcome.

системи за сигурност

системи за сигурност

Combination of all security systems – DMS

The combination of all security systems called the Danger Management System (DMS link) is the basis of the most advanced VAiOS development. The security systems we offer are the most renowned manufacturers. In the field of video surveillance, access control, alarm systems, fire alarm, sound and announcement. Security systems are designed to restrict access to objects with valuable objects or information, tracking and controlling people passing through an object, controlling working hours. Also flagging violations of established restrictions, easy identification of the offender, and documenting the violation. All this is accomplished by separate subsystems that interact with each other and exchange information. As all these subsystems form a complete security system on the site.

The concept of intellectual protection is constantly evolving, so security systems are becoming more and more perfect and reliable. You can now with a high degree of reliability protect your home, office or business building and go safely to your business trip or vacation. For some reason, most people believe that the systems part of IoT (Internet of Things), Smart House and Smart Office are something fantastically expensive and can not afford them. In fact, virtually everyone can create good security, security and everyday comfort and relaxation with reliable security systems that are very easy and manageable.



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