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Building automation

Building Automation is a rapidly evolving technology. At the beginning of the 21st century, the construction industry developed under the influence of an increasingly important factor. Building automation systems or so-called intelligent buildings. The main goal of building automation is to achieve a healthier and more comfortable lifestyle, combined with the efficient use of building resources.

Among the characteristics of building automation is the ability to control the main systems in the building. Whose operation has a direct impact on the safety, efficiency and comfort of the occupants. These are, for example:

  • Micro-Climate Control Systems (HVAC – heating, ventilation, airconditioning) – in every single room, according to its functions and the preferences of those who use it;
  • Fire and fire alarm control rooms;
  • Control of access to individual premises;
  • Systems for measuring individual consumption of water, heat, electricity, etc.
  • Automatic collection of reported data without the need for access to the premises;
  • Implementation of energy saving functions by lighting, heating, air conditioning and ventilation control;
  • Possibility of complex management of the systems – both in accordance with a predefined mode of operation and in accordance with regimes provided for specific conditions;
  • Ability to coordinate actions implemented by different systems;
  • Communication and reporting capabilities.

сградна автоматизация

Building automation and all intelligent building systems enable detailed reports to be output. They can be adjusted according to the information needs. The main systems in building automation are three types: BMS, DMS and Industrial Automation.

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