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Software solutions

Software solutions – introducing software solutions and what do they represent? Software solutions are a complete suite of applications. Containing operating system, software applications, all the necessary dependencies, configuration files and data files necessary for work. Everything is already prepared, integrated and ready for work.

софтуерни решения

The way of software solutions

Centryl is a framework platform on which our software products and software solutions step.The software solutions and capabilities of the developed platform are unlimited.When we started our software development, we wanted our software solution to be user-friendly.For this reason, one of the innovations we have introduced is to work in a web environment.All control, access control and monitoring is done through username and password.Through them, the customer can manage the system from any point of the world.Internet access is enough, which is no longer a problem after 3G, 4G and 5G mobile networks soon.

But we asked ourselves, “What happens if an Internet provider failure or other problem terminates the Internet connection?”The software solutions we have developed can also be managed in off-line environments through the local network of the hardware and software system itself.The development of a software product that tracks security and the management of personal property has shown us another problem that we had to deal with.

We live in the age of the Internet, the age of social networks, but also the age of cybercrime. How to make the software we offer not only secure but also preferred by our customers?The solution came from the fact that we are working with some of the best software developers not only in Bulgaria but also in Europe.They built Centryl’s framework into a web environment and secured it with SSL communication. SSL communication is software protection used by banking and other financial institutions to maximize the security of their software products.This type of SSL protection has turned the software into a preferred option for more and more customers in Bulgaria, the Balkans and Europe.

Our software solutions

Днес една от най-необходимите и бързо развиващи се сфери в областта на бизнеса се явява мониторинга и неговото управлението от разстояние. Използвайки  smart устройството в джоба си. Именно web-базираната платформа на софтуера и гъвкавостта на хардуера ни дават възможност да предоставим продукт и услуга от бъдещето, но това се случва сега в настоящето.

  • ERP software-business software that synchronizes all business processes;
  • Access control  and time attendance software – thanks to the modular principle, the system allows working in small objects and upgrading to huge complexes, business buildings and others;
  • Software for sports halls and gyms – has a number of functionalities, according to the modules you can make SMART hall / fitness;
  • Hotel Software Systems -VAiOS Hotel System  (VHS) are a single solution for all hotel-related problems – new generation support, intuitive system easy to use and manage
  •  BMS / DMS софтуер-building automation and more precisely BMS/DMS systems are one of the main products of our production.
  • ERP software

    VAiOS ERP software is a cloud-based business software built on our own framework called “Centryl”. The software synchronizes all business processes. This puts a great business tool in the hands of the new generation managers. In the field of automation, our motto “All in One Solution” led us on the road of building ERP software that

  • софтуер за контрол на работното време

    Access control and Time attendance

    The access control and working time system is extremely easy to install. After installation of the devices, is just enough to have an internet connection. Thanks to its web-based structure, you can monitor and modify the system directly through an Internet browser. Thanks to the modular principle, the system allows work in small objects and upgrades

  • софтуер за фитнес

    Software for sports halls and gyms

    The system for Sports halls and Gyms is a cloud-based business VAiOS software built on our own  framework called “Centryl”“. The system has many features, they can be organized into separate modules which in turn will form a SMART sports hall / gym. Software is becoming an indispensable part of managing all business aspects and the

  • Hotel software

    The Web has changed the world and we with our hotel software do the same for hoteliers. The hotel software we offer is also modular, and it is no exception to our other products. The software is also based on the  „Centryl“framework and the hardware is flexible and innovative. In the demo you can see the

  • BMS / DMS software

    Building automation and more precisely BMS / DMS systems are one of the main products of our production. Again, our hardware and software are under the “Centryl” framework. In the demo you can see the large number of systems that can be united. At the same time, being a manufacturer gives us flexibility with each product

  • Софтуер за умен дом

    Smart home and smart office software

    The modern home nowadays is smart home and smart office. Smart Home is part of the Internet of Things (IoT), the fastest growing high tech segment. This is a network of connected devices that provide us with a fast, convenient, efficient and easy way of control in all aspects of our work and home comfort.

  • Software for parking and garages


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