Before start using our website please  read the Terms and Conditions. The Request Form, Registration Form, User Login and all other VAiOS’ information resources and systems are hereinafter refered to as the ‘’Site’’ . If you use the Site, browse its contents, make registration, click on a link or button , with the exception of the link to these Terms of Use, you are deemed to accept and agree to the Terms of Use. In case you do not agree the Terms of Use, please do not use our website.


General provisions.

  • The terms and conditions govern the access and use of the Site
  • The website can be visited without registration. Registration is necessary in the cases referred to in art. 2.1.
  • The use of the Site is subject to the same restrictions as the registration specified in Art. 2.3. All trade names and trademarks on the Website are the property of a respective companies.
  • You may not copy and use information from the Site and its links without the express permission of VAIOS LTD.


2.1. Registration is free and voluntary and gives you the following options:

1) if you want access to specialized information on the website and – like price lists, brochures, guides and others in the “Library” section;

2) if you want to receive periodically the electronic bulletin of VAIOS LTD;

3) if you want to use the Partner Portal.

2.2. In connection with the registration, we process personal data under the Privacy Policy of VAIOS LTD. This text can be found here.

2.3 VAiOS is non responsible, does not use age verification lists, and do not collect any personal data on the age and capacity of persons registered on this Site.

2.4. Upon registration, you are not allowed to:

1) use as ‘’username’’ concepts, expressions, phrases and similar, that violate third party rights, including intellectual property rights;

2) use a “name” that is different from your own;

3) use “e-mail” and / or “address” if they are not your personal without the full rights of their owner;

4) use a “Company” without having the full rights of the Managing Authority of the respective company;

5) Indicate data that is untrue, incomplete and outdated;

6) use content that is unlawful, discriminatory, obscene, offensive, defamatory, hateful or indecent as well as one that could harm a good name, to offend a third person or to reveal a secret protected by law.

2.5 VAiOS has the right to terminate your registration on the Site, if it finds that the restrictions Art. 2.4. have been violated, as well as suspected otherwise violate the terms and / or regulatory requirements. In this case, VAiOS will not bear any liability to you.

2.6 Registration is not allowed on behalf of other persons. When registering, you must fill out the required fields in the registration form.

2.7 By pressing the “SEND” button or another button with a similar function at the end of the registration form you:

1) declare that you meet the requirements of Art. 2.3 .;

2) declare that you do not violate the restrictions under Art. 2.4 .;

3) declare that you have been authorized by the manager of whose “Company” or other data you have indicated in the registration form, unconditionally to accept the Terms;

4) You explicitly and unconditionally declare that:

1) voluntary give VAiOS your personal data that you have filled in the registration form using the Site, described in the Policy;

2) you are familiar with the Terms and Policy and accept them in fully and unequivocally;

3) you give your consent, VAiOS to process your personal data that you have filled in the registration form in the manner and under the conditions specified in the Policy.

2.8. After submitting the Registration Form, you will receive an E-mail confirming your registration. Upon successful registration, your account will be created and will contain the data from the Registration Form.

2.9. You can edit your profile information at any time by contacting us at

2.10. You agree to:

1) keep your current information on your profile;

2) terminate your registration in case any of the restrictions under Art. 2.4.

2.11. Upon termination of your registration on the Site for any reason, we will delete your account information so that it cannot be restored in any way. Personal Data will terminate automatically.

2.12. In view of the restrictions under Art. 2.4, Points 3 and 4, as well as the declaration under Art. 2.7. Point 3, Vaios reserves the right to require the submission of additional documents, including signed documents(by hand or by electronic signature), for additional authentication of circumstances.

2.13. You can terminate your account on the Site at any time(termination of registration) by sending a request to this


3.1. VAiOS reserves the right to add new, modify or remove existing functionalities and / or services and / or information on the Site without prior notice or consent from you.

3.2. Conditions may be changed under legislative changes. When changes are made, they will be published on the Site.

3.3. The conditions are current as of 07.12.2018.


In case of any clause of the Terms is invalid, this will not automatically invalidate other clauses.

4.2. The legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria applies to the outstanding issues