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Smart home

The modern home nowadays is smart home and smart office. Smart Home is part of the Internet of Things (IoT), the fastest growing high tech segment. This is a network of connected devices that provide us with a fast, convenient, efficient and easy way of control in all aspects of our work and home comfort.

We, the VAiOS team, work in this direction too. For over 9 years, we’ve been able to control home and office through Smart phone, tablet or computer. All system programming can be done with both digital and voice commands. On this basis, the system can create ready-made scenarios for events by tracking the habits and behavior of stay-at-home people. These innovative technologies with the popularly-called machine self-learning system, we called VAiOS AiL (Artificial Intelligence Learn)

What are the benefits of Smart Home, Smart Office?

Built entirely or partially, the smart home gives you more time for fun with family or friends. In the workplace as an employer without a smart office, you may often be asking yourself: “Is there an opportunity to optimize working time? To work effectively in 5 hours of the day, but with a result?” Studies show that 20 to 40% of the time in the workplace is difficult for people to remain effectively focused on the work process. But you pay for the majority of their time, right? By turning your office into a smart office, you have monitoring of the business processes in your business as well as the real-time working hours of your staff.

What is the world with VAiOS Smart Home?

Now imagine that all safety problems can be solved with a button “I’m out”. It turns off the lighting and appliances, , while lowering the curtains and activating  the alarm system. And would it be futuristic for you if you activate it with a voice command? Perhaps, but with VAiOS Smart Systems it is possible and it’s not in the future, but now. Imagine another situation where you are going home. You call Home and just say, “I’m getting home.” Lighting turns on, curtains are pulled, air conditioning prepares rooms at your preferred temperature and even plays your favorite song.


It was not long ago we had seen such scenes in fantastic movies. But technologies, along with the ingenuity of teams like VAiOS, have made the fantastic scenes present.

What do you automate?
What can turn into a smart home / smart office?

There are “solutions” for home or office automation that only offer us complex products, but often some of the automation options are inappropriate or unnecessary for the customer. Finally, it turns out that the customers have paid more for things they do not want or can not use.

On the other hand, there are more and more possibilities for automation of individual parts of the home: the electrical contacts, the air conditioner, a specific electrical appliance;

When talking about a smart home or smart office, we always start from the need of a person as well as the opportunities that are provided to them. You have the ability to turn your entire home or office into a comfortable place of high technological accomplishment. But also in situations of limited budget or the unnecessary of some element of the system will save you unnecessary costs.

What can you add into your smart home and why?


You have the control to activate and deactivate the lighting in your smart house, both in its entirety and locally in the rooms according to your preference. You can reduce or increase the lighting power and create the right atmosphere for a specific event.

You can manage your home appliances remotely by simply checking the application of your phone, which at home is active. This optimizes your cost of electricity but also saves your worries: “Did I turn off the hotplates (or the iron)?” Or, “Did we stop the boiler when we went on holiday?

You can manage both locally from smart monitors and remotely through the mobile application the temperature to be maintained by the system. This adds to your comfort. In addition, through the settings, you can program smart scenarios. This will add coziness to the home even before you get home from work. At the same time, the automated scenarios allow you to optimize the consumption of consultations when you are not at home or in the office.

With a smart house, you can manage both running and stopping showers, tap water or irrigation system as well as controlling the consumption of these resources through VAiOS UM (Utility management).As part of the overall system, you can manage or adjust automatic watering of the lawns in front of your home or office to make them always fresh and welcoming.


This part of the smart house gives you the opportunity to create an atmosphere for different situations, along with lighting control managing all the details for one special evening.


The ability to remotely control the doors and windows in the home and / or office is most closely related to  security. In ready-made scenarios ‘’I’m going to bed’’ or ‘’I’m out’’, the doors are automatically locked. Also, emergency scenarios unlock all doors and windows in order to leave the premises as quickly as possible. At the same time, automatic window and door control allows you to ventilate and refresh the atmosphere in your home. As at selected times and at a preset time: for example, “every morning at 9:30’’.

Everyone has the ability to monitor and manage their home or office remotely. At the same time, VAiOS Smart Home gives you the convenience of accessing everything through a single profile. By using your computer, tablet, or smartphone, you can manage your home through an application (or web-address). Just as easy as signing in to a social networking site. But security-protected SSL communication used as a web-security system in the software of banks and other financial institutions. VAiOS Smart Home / Smart House / Smart Office – Easy, Secure and Convenient.

What will be the future?

In the past, cars were a privilege, and today they are a necessity. Because they gave us the convenience of moving easily and quickly when needed. A few decades later, the same thing happened to GSM. They gave us the opportunity to have contact with our loved ones at all times, from any place, not just at home.

We at VAiOS believe that within the current generation, along with the development of technology, building automation and in particular the smart home, smart house, smart office will be a convenience that will become a necessity for any family or  business.

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