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Access control systems

Access control is one of the main security systems. The VAiOS team can offer you advanced access control and work time systems. We have many years of experience as a manufacturer of access control systems and software developer for working time. Like any electrical system, this goes through the stages of design, production, delivery and installation. Our access control systems are based on online software. This also requires support teams.

If you hesitate to choose and need help, you can read the tips for choosing an access control system. Or contact our consultants, who will be happy to help you.

Our flexible modular product policy covers our customers’ needs for different systems and systems. From access control chip or card entry doors and small offices to large sites with controlling time and different schedules presence where needed extensive references. Access control is one of the software tools to track the movement of people in a site, whether it is an employee of an office or business, visitors to a building, etc.

Being a manufacturer of access control and working time systems enables us to personalize our products to the requirements and desires of our customers. We also add functionality to online software, to design different controllers. When we started the VAiOS production, we started with lot of dreams. One of them was to give people a multipurpose controller applied in the most different areas of automation. Developing a VAiOS WAC4 controller fulfilled this dream of ours. We produce access control readers with individual and non-standard forms and branding. We also offer a wide range of  locking mechanisms.

Advantages of access control systems

  • Web based software;
  • Access control with chip or card;
  • Great accessibility and many opportunities;
  • Combining access control with other security systems ;
  • Energy saving;
  • Suitable for different sizes and character objects;


One of the main advantages of systems for access control and time attendance produced by VAiOS is a web-based (web based) software. When it is not required installation of any computer gives greater accessibility and a lot of opportunities. Our product line follows the trend of consolidation of control of access to other security systems. such as CCTV, security and аlarm systems, fire alarm systems, parking systems and barriers. All of these can be added to our common software platform to work together like building automation and business automation.

Another advantage of access control systems, which is becoming more and more popular, is the control of production processes.. The workstations are equipped with access control readers. When the employee is at work, they have to check on the access control reader. the system starts to take into their account the work process.If the employee is working on a machine that produces something, it is possible to trace the number of manufactured products for a certain time through integration of a dedicated controller.Besides monitoring products for a certain period, the system can be used to determine the time at which the employee has been at work.

You can learn from our blog post about what problems modern systems for access control and time attendance solve as well as their benefits.

Application of access control systems in building automation

Proper positioning of readers for access control could give the software expression of the people’s positioning in the building. Thanks to this information gathered and managed by access control, other systems such as CCTV, alarm and alarm systems, lighting and electrical installations can take automated action. For example, when the last office worker comes out, the system automatically reduces the air conditioning to certain degrees and excludes some of the lighting. This leads to resource saving and higher energy efficiency. Besides the complete regulation of the building (office, enterprise), separate zones can be identified. This is done through entry-exit points. Typically, this is a door control through a locking mechanism and double-sided reader control.

Passing in or out of a zone, the system recognizes the movement of people and takes predefined actions. In terms of security, it is extremely important function. In case of evacuation of employees or visitors to the building, according to the requirement of fire safety, it is good to know how many people were inside during the evacuation. So, after counting the evacuees, it can be determined how many people are still in the building. Undoubtedly, this is an important information for fire safety officers .


If you need advice on choosing a system that suits your needs, you can find useful information on our site. Or contact us to introduce you to the latest innovations in access control and working time.

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