Smart home on an iconic Bulgarian metropolitan street - Vaios

Smart home on an iconic Bulgarian metropolitan street ( Sofia, Bulgaria )

The house, which VAiOS fully automates with a smart home, is located on the iconic Sequoia Street in Sofia. It is undoubtedly the most “smart” house on the iconic street in Boyana, allowing complete control and comfort to the owners and their guests.

Security is taken care of by integrated security and video surveillance systems, which send a parallel signal to the teams that take care of the security of the owners. The house also has a separate monitoring and security center, which allows remote monitoring and response to the activation of the fire alarm system, alarm system and video surveillance.

All lighting, which consists of over 150 circuits, is controlled via telephone and remote access. Part of the lighting is integrated into scenarios that contribute to comfort and energy efficiency.
In the house to the system for smart lighting is integrated functionality for smart control of the stairs, in which when passing the steps light up in stages or simultaneously (depending on the setting). This allows more freedom of movement, as well as a pleasant and touching light on the stairs at night.
Outdoor lighting built with fully autonomous systems for garden and facade lighting.

Along with the control of the other systems, the smart house control manages through a mobile application electrical contacts and switches, air conditioners (in all functionalities: heating, cooling, turbo mode, drying, etc.), ventilation, like most electrical appliances.

The continuous operation of the systems is ensured by installed UPS systems and a diesel generator with monitoring through the software.

As people who often travel abroad, the owners maintained high quality, automated processes and full monitoring and control of their property and smart home systems, which is realized in the process of communication to meet the needs.

120 sq.m. 30 days

Workday tracking software for Klips / Sofia

Sofia, Bulgaria
  • Control of working time
  • Custom System
  • Time attendance
12 mounts

Smart home on an iconic Bulgarian metropolitan street

Sofia, Bulgaria
  • Alarm system
  • CCTV
  • Electrical installations
  • Fire alarm system
  • Smart Home
  • Smart system