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BMS / DMS software

Building automation and more precisely BMS and DMS systems are one of the main products of our production. Here again, we step on our hardware and software under our Framework.

In the demo you can see the large number of systems that can be combined. At the same time, being producers gives us flexibility. Each of our products is tailored to the customer, both from a hardware point of view and from a software point of view.

Advantages of BMS and DMS systems integrated by VAiOS.

Very secure system with individual communication protocol between the devices, manufactured especially by VAiOS. Specialized software design that is modelled for each project to achieve maximum efficiency and easy operation of the system.

  • Full project coverage, easy navigation of buildings and facilities
  • Integrated management systems and BMS and DMS security systems. The system can integrate different systems from different manufacturers
  • Pre-defined scenarios that automatically assist site staff. Easy maintenance and management
  • Our building automation software system is available in many languages: English, Bulgarian, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Italian, Greek, Romanian, Dutch and Arabic.

Projects illustration

Projects illustration

General provisions and purpose of BMS and DMS systems

Projects for BMS and DMS systems must have an extremely high level. Often the location of managed buildings is such that it requires specific design, construction and software of automation systems. In our work we take into account the geographical location of the site. The country in which the climate is located is also important. This is important because it can affect both the types of devices to be used in building systems and software management.

Another factor that affects BMS and DMS systems is the purpose of the building or object itself – administrative, residential, public or private property. An individual approach is needed to achieve maximum efficiency.

Software integration for BMS and DMS systems

The main goals of software and hardware integration between BMS and DMS systems are two:

VAiOS Hotel System

1. Better security

VAiOS Hotel System

2. High energy efficiency

To achieve maximum security and efficient use of resources, we plan to interconnect. This allows the implementation of predefined scenarios that would increase security, optimize efficiency, increase energy efficiency.

VAiOS Hotel System

Here is an example of working between systems, the communication between them can be at the software and / or hardware level. There are different scenarios that can be included.

For example: an employee leaves the office and checks on the access control reader. This can cause the software to turn on the alarm in his office, turn off the lights, lock the door and turn the room temperature to 20 ° C.

Another example: When the fire alarm is on – the system will automatically open part of the doors, as they are part of the evacuation plan. The fire alarm panel will also signal the HVAC devices to stop working to prevent combustion, and the video surveillance system will enlarge the nearest camera where the signal comes from. The software system may be programmed to follow protocols to ensure that all requirements of the technical specification and safety instructions are met.