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ERP software

VAiOS ERP software is a cloud-based business software built on our own framework called “Centryl”. The software synchronizes all business processes. This puts a great business tool in the hands of the new generation managers. In the field of automation, our motto “All in One Solution” led us on the road of building ERP software that meets the needs of the clients (business).


ERP софтуер

Due to the fact that the ERP software is built on our own framework it allows to be configured with the exact functionalities desired by the client. All this can happen without unnecessary features that will not come into use, except to drain off your system resources. The system has capabilities for:

  • Inventory of goods in an unlimited number of warehouses;
  • Full stock control;
  • Keep in touch with your suppliers, customers, companies and couriers through the CRM module built into the system;
  • Assembling, prescription manufacturing, planning or building custom solutions;
  • Access to real-time reports to keeps in track your business development at all times;
  • Reliable archive records of deliveries, offers, sales, invoices, etc.;
  • Receive a quick way to find the right document;
  • You can sell through the built-in online store, POS or connectors with eBay, Amazon and more.


Access to ERP software

The users receive access to VAiOS ERP software through their account. Again, security is ensured via SSL communication, embedded in every VAiOS product. This provides reliable protection at the highest level.


Access to all VAiOS ERP software is via Internet, which facilitates the support process because it does not require on-site visits, and anything can happen remotely using modern 21st century technology. After you enter the web address of your ERP software into your browser address bar, you are logged in with your “username” and “password”.

Dashboard of ERP software

The VAiOS ERP software dashboard is a multifunctional home screen. At a glance you can understand everything that is happening with your business. Also, there you have a different type of graphics. In addition, each individual account may have different access to the database, which is determined by the position of the employee in the organization. Depending on the set access to the data, the graphs displayed have a different configuration and purpose. They can provide the employees with the information they need to do their activities or responsibilities within the organization. Visualization of the dashboard depends on what device type you access your account: PC, tablet or smartphone.

In addition to the graphs and numerical values ​​provided by the Dashboard of ERP software, you also have the opportunity to do business development analysis for the periods you choose.

Capabilities and management of ERP software

The set of module menus gives you tremendous opportunities to inspect and tune all the physical details of the object, reflected in the software such as:


You can create profiles for your employees who will operate with the ERP software. An unlimited number of people can work simultaneously through a common web-based platform. In order to be not disrupted the hierarchical processes in the business or organization, the software has the ability to determine for each user own level of access. This can be done from the menu “User Groups”;

Categories and Products; Warehouse; Contractor

You can manage various features to organize your product range, enter and search products by selecting them by characteristics; To process information about warehouse products and stocks, with the possibility of an unlimited number of warehouses, stocks, Inventory of goods, transferring between warehouses, warehouse audit revisions, etc.;

Warehouse Revisions

For every business it is necessary to audit periodically its stocks to eliminate accumulated quantitative discrepancies, to correct them and to check the loyalty of its employees. VAiOS ERP software has the option to make revisions;

Revisions archive

The software also stores a database of revisions performed so that you can track trends of discrepancies between actual stocks and described ones and use this information to analyze and select your next business steps;


In this module, you create a database of your customers and partners with whom you will subsequently have business relationships that will lead to common touch points in the software, such as: offers, purchases, sales, invoices, etc.;

API – Data Transfer from / to ERP software

This option can save you long manual data entry by connecting the software to a specific device. Then, it can transfer a ready database from the external device. With the API option, you can transfer data from other devices to the software database, as well as download a database from the software to another device.


You can create own database of your business customers. This will allow you to see the list of your clients; to edit and update it. There are embedded data analysis tools as Searching and Sorting. They will help you to make easy and quick inquiries. The software also has an Export button. With it you can extract the customer database in various formats: excel, pdf and others; and subsequently use them in different software or print them when needed for different analysis.


With “Suppliers”menu you have an insight into the companies you partner with and that deliver goods or services to your business. Once the data has been entered into the ERP software, you can track the requests, deliveries and costs of your business.


Here you have the option to create a database for couriers who you work with and subsequently bind the software to a courier platform so that you can request couriers directly through the “Request” menu

Management of more than one company with ERP software

VAiOS ERP software has the ability to manage more than one company. Instead of logging in to different accounts for each company you manage, it is enough to choose from the drop-down menu which company you are preparing: offers, orders, sales, invoicing, etc.

The distribution of companies is not according to the account they work for, but is done for all companies at the same time. Before finalizing the particular process, one has to select from the drop-down menu the company through which to perform the specific activity.

Sending a business e-mail

You can send emails to customers and partners (vendors) using the built-in capability for that. In this way, you also ensure supervised communication of your employees with customers and suppliers.


This is the module in VAiOS ERP software that deals with the most engaging part of the business, namely the customer service. Through this module you can send offers to current and potential customers. You can make sales and issue invoices for them. You can also get analyzes of financial and quantitative parameters of transactions performed, as well as monitor the archive of transactions and issued invoices.

Chat feature through ERP software

Chat system is our most innovative module. It is not just an online conversation between system users, but a collection of different functionalities.

Benefits of ERP Software

When developing the VAiOS ERP system and its interface, we have leveraged a series of automations for each business. The process automation software in your company allows you to define:

  • Your strengths and weaknesses in business,
  • Where more people need training;
  • As well as other methods to improve performance.

With business process automation, you can see any delay in your employees’ work. You get a clear idea of ​​the funds you spend and receive, as well as the opportunities to optimize them. The company employees will have the best method to check the quality and improve their working environment. The ERP software system cannot be manipulated by your employees and in this way you will keep track of what is really happening at every level (in each department) of the company.


Automated processes will help also accounting, human resources and many other departments. Keeping all your documents, transactions and processes in one place gives you a quick and easy way to find and store information. This in turn saves time, effort, money, paper. The fact that we are developer of  software solutions makes our systems extremely flexible. It is possible to unite various business management modules and combine them with systems for  access control and time attendance, automation of office, production and enterprise. Working in a single environment allows for different inquiries, easy and accessible control and monitoring.

To find out where systems such as Access control and Work time find application, what they provide and what problems they solve, read our article – Is it Necessity to have a modern system for access control and work time?”

If you would like help with optimization and software hedging of your business or need advice and further information, do not hesitate to contact us. You can also leave us a query by clicking the “GET OFFER” button on our homepage. Our managers will gladly advise you and help you choose the best option for your case.