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спортни зали

The sports halls and centers management system offered by VAiOS is a suite of software solutions and hardware products. As a manufacturer, we can customize the system to suit your needs. We can produce non-standard hardware solutions for you. We can brand access control readers, touch screen monitors and other parts of the system. This will give personality and will guarantee a handy product.

Individual developments for sport halls and centers by VAiOS

The sports hall software is a WEB platform with the highest level of protection. Thanks to the fact that the software and the hardware are manufactured by us, we can offer you individual developments for your fitness, swimming pool, sports complex and more. This will make the system extremely convenient for your customers and guests, and you will have constant control. With our online platform, you can control and manage multiple sites that are localized even in different cities and countries. In the video you will see the system of the first smart fitness in Bulgaria.

Thanks to the experience and the various systems, we can safely say that we have developed different modules of sports halls, which are unique.

The smart fitness tool is something that integrates machine self-learning. The system works on the principle of accumulated information and giving the best advice for your workout. Can you answer the question – “How many workouts did I have?” In our development there are modules for water management readers that replace shower batteries and regulate power consumption. The system is extremely flexible, and is made like any of our systems, on the principle of the constructor. This makes it easy to model and change.

Another interesting thing about our sports halls is that the system can be tied to your everyday life and keep track of your tone throughout the day. When it’s time to workout to give you advice on the best and best workout for you. For example, you have the smart application on your phone and it is tied to our smart bracelets, which in turn is tied to your fitness program. If you’ve been to a swimming system today, it’s automatically informed about your action and offers you the right workout in the gym.

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