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Workday tracking software for Klips / Sofia ( Sofia, Bulgaria )

In the middle of June, the company Klips, Sofia office, contacted us to hold a meeting with the aim of building a system for modified software for access control and working hours.


The desire was to have a time control system that had segmented modifications and functionalities to serve their needs. This included
  • tracking working hours in the office
  • presence of a home office button
  • software reporting first and last check-in
In addition, there was no need to tie the system to the established access control system in the business building.

In the first stage…

…we built the time control system with two-color check-in readers – black and white. This color separation helps employees more easily navigate which reader to check in at the start of the work day and out at the end of the work day.

Then we conducted…

…a series of clarification meetings to detail the functionalities of the software for the client’s needs.

As a final product

Built-to-order software can:
  • to monitor working time control in standard parameters.
  • added functionality – home office button for those working from home.
  • there is an option to add a working day only by administrators for distracted employees who forgot to check in on the home office button.
  • color distinction of form 76 for the report of working hours, tracking work in the office and work carried out from home (home office).
  • integrated module for tracking paid and unpaid leave, maternity and civil service according to the laws of the Republic of Bulgaria.


System and Software upgrade with hierarchical employee structure

At the end of the summer of 2022. from Klips-Sofia announced a system upgrade with the addition of a HIERARCHY STRUCTURE module. The additional software module provided by it:
  • the system assigns employees to departments according to the manager of the respective department.
  • each manager can select and see the employees only in the entire department.
  • each manager can select and export the working time of employees only from his department.
  • all data according to the selection can be subsequently exported in tabular form.
120 sq.m. 30 days

Workday tracking software for Klips / Sofia

Sofia, Bulgaria
  • Control of working time
  • Custom System
  • Time attendance
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Smart home on an iconic Bulgarian metropolitan street

Sofia, Bulgaria
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