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Time attendance

Time attendance and working time system

Working time control is undoubtedly one of the best helpers for your business. VAiOS offers an innovative online work time control system, combined with an access control system. The price is definitely worth it, and the investment in our system returns repeatedly and quickly. One of the busiest occupations for employers is staff monitoring – who comes and goes to the office, is abusing his break. These relationships are often the most conflicting and full of tension. Thanks to the VAiOS working time system, it’s all automated. Employees are confident about their working hours and employers for their discipline. If employees are floating hours or different shifts, everything is organized thanks to flexible work plans and individual access groups.

To facilitate accounting, our work-time system publishes a “Form 76” attendance. The software to the system is web based, making it available from any Internet device. Our system is secured with certain access levels, security certificates and a specific communication code.

Part of the functions of the online work time and access control system

  • Modern web-based software for control and monitoring of the working time and access control system;
  • Easy assignment of maps and access groups
  • Monthly on-line system prophylaxis;
  • Online support for software products;
  • React up to 48 hours for a hardware issue;
  • Ability to set up and control the system through each device via an encrypted internet connection;
  • Cloud-based data storage service;
  • Fully in Bulgarian, English or other languages;
  • Ability to enter unlimited number of cards, groups and access options;
  • Detailed inquiries;
  • Form 76.


The time and access control system is extremely easy to install. After installation of the devices, you only need to have an internet connection. Thanks to your web-based structure, you can monitor and modify the system directly via an Internet browser.

The work time and access control system can be combined with other systems such as security, video surveillance, lighting, contacts. This allows business automation, whereby the systems communicate with each other through predefined scenarios. For example, your last employee leaves the office and the alarm system is activated automatically.

Thanks to the modular principle, the system allows work in small objects and upgrades to huge complexes, business buildings and more. The system will evolve along with your business.

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