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Barriers and parking systems

Access control with barriers and parking systems

Barriers and parking systems are one of the most common ways to control access to property (open or closed) when cross-checking, monitoring and monitoring is needed. We, the VAiOS team, can offer our customers from local solutions with single barriers to complete ticketing systems. They have web based monitoring through our software platform.


The system can be remotely monitored via any Internet device. This allows many objects with our parking system to unite in a single platform. This way, they can be tracked and provided with information by reference.

The parking system may include input and output barriers, payment terminals and a cab for the staff supplied and installed by our installation teams.

Main advantages of our barriers and parking systems

  • Internet based online software that allows you to control from anywhere via the Internet;
  • The system is  certified and manufactured by us;
  • We maintain various payment systems at the reception desk, kiosk, coins and banknotes;
  • Entry and exit via barcode tickets, cards, tags, remote, contactless;
  • Possibility for parking of cooperatives, business buildings, malls, hotels;
  • Opportunity to open by recognizing the car number;
  • Combination with garage doors or other control systems;
  • Possibility for other colors and sizes.


Combined triple system of barriers, parking lots and garages

Recent trends in the barriers and parking systems are triple coverage and control the flow of cars. This includes License plate recognition system, a ticketing system combined with payment modules and devices, Access control  Input/Output modules.


License plate recognition system

Here, the parking system is organized with entry and exit points. They are fitted with special cameras for  car number recognition. They read the car number and record it in the software system. When a vehicle approaches a barrier, the LPR camera will read the license plate number of the vehicle and will record the number in the system. An entry terminal is used when vehicle numbers cannot be recognized by the system because of hit, dirt and other cases.  It issues a ticket that records in the system when a car enters. When leaving the parking lot, the exit LPR camera automatically recognizes the number, compares it with the entry time of the vehicle and calculates the amount due for the stay.

Ticket system

The ticket system for barriers, parking lots and garages is used in larger sites. Next to the entry and exit barriers are placed ticketing terminals. The entrance terminals issue a ticket with a barcode. When issued, the unique number of each ticket is recorded in the system with the time it of its issuance. The exit terminal is equipped with a barcode reader that reads the unique number and controls whether the stay is paid. Visitors pay for their stay by checking to payment terminals. The payment terminals can be placed at convenient places in the site.

The discomfort of this system is that the ticket may be lost or visitors may forget to pay it. Therefore, a payment terminal is often placed on the exits of the parking lot to avoid traffic jams. At the payment terminal, visitors can pay for their stay by entering a registration car number (when the system is combined with one for identifying and reading car numbers) or scanning a ticket.

With Cards and Tags

Cards and Tags work with standard products for access control systems. The reader is most often built into the entry and exit terminals. When crossing the barrier, the driver checks card, chip, bracelet or other device with an access control chip. It is possible to issue temporary cards where an employee at the entrance and exit of the parking lot activates the card in the system, after which it starts counting down the residence time.

The system calculates the amount due when checking at the exit terminal. This system is convenient and suitable for parking lots where visitors have a monthly subscription. Since our system is online, parking users have the opportunity to load online their monthly subscription and to check in own account for how long their cards are valid.

Remote control with UHV readers

Тhe remote control system with UHV readers is а very modern method of controlling access of parking lots. It uses a sticker card type that is affixed to the windshield or to the sun visor of the car. It can be read from up to 12 meters and the barrier to be raised or the front door to be opened. The card has a unique individual code that is read by the system and recorded into the access control software.

The triple system, a combination of the above modules, is most preferred in large parking lots and garages. In this way, the owners are triple insured and the system is constantly functioning. This is extremely important for sites such as hospitals, health complexes and busy parking lots of shopping malls.

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