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Automatic garage doors

You come back from work. Stop in front of the garage, get off your car, open the garage, go back, park inside, go back and close the garage door. It’s boring, is not it? In the good case, you have paid to build a system that you manage remotely. Not bad. At least, do not go down and get into your car again.

But the future belongs to automation. Automatic garage doors give you the convenience of watching the most important things on the road. Just as the automatic transmission has enabled us to improve driving performance, we do not have to pay attention to the gear we are on, so the automatic garage doors give you the opportunity to pay more attention to the surroundings while parking. Be more focused on the sidewalk that you are crossing before taking the car.

How does this work?

There are different ways. With an active card reader that detects your vehicle remotely or with a camera that recognizes the registration number. In all cases, however, the automatic garage door system should be automatically activated. It opens your own registration of your car, and once you park sensors notify the system that the car is inside a door after you close yourself.

The next level for automatic garage doors is in the part of smart scenarios, for example, called “I’m getting home.” In the parking area of ​​the car in the garage, the system tracks GPS on your home, tracking your cell phone, or tablet from which you set the “I’m Getting Back” scenario. By calculating the likely time of arrival, the smart system deactivates the alarm 10 seconds before parking your car in the garage. Arriving 10 meters from the house, the automatic garage door is already triggered, which saves you stopping at the door as it opens. Sensors that the car is in the garage give a signal to the system that closes behind the door. It remains for you to go back and relax after the workday.

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