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Bars & Restaurants

The facility management system is a collection of hardware products and a software platform. It can be considered as part of the hotel automation system (VAiOS Hotel System) as well as a stand-alone platform for the restaurant business. The innovative approach to customer service creates prerequisites for a pleasant experience and complete rest.

The catering management system is a hardware and software solution that provides automation to all customer service processes. Through the system you will easily and quickly offer service to the guests of the establishment. The innovation is that the processes from order to payment are carried out in a virtual environment. Waiters communicate with customers and the kitchen online, eliminating the possibility of confusing orders and leaving the “taste” of the pleasant time spent. Feeding is both a social and intimate experience. In it, one often finds privacy and time to think about the important things of the day, or to think of nothing. This is one of the reasons why we have developed a catering management system. It serves customers by minimizing the visitor staff.

The staff is equipped with hardware terminals from the system. Tablets for waiters and monitors in the kitchen with touch-screen panels and protectors. Once the customer has viewed the waiter’s menu from a waiter or an integrated touch-screen monitor at each table, the order is received on the waiter’s personal tablet with information about the table. The same information comes from the monitor in the kitchen or the bar where cooks or bartenders prepare the order.

The client can then pay in cash or by card. The system automatically subtracts from the account, thus eliminating the need for extra work with a cash register or other device. There is a nice addition for hoteliers here. Guests can use the software to pay for the hotel’s restaurant. With the credit system built to the VAiOS Hotel System. It can also be developed as a loyal program for regular customers at the venues, and they receive bonus credits to use at the venue for a deposit.

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