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What does machine self-learning in Smart Home mean?

Building a  smart home / smart office / is the next step in the development of comfort in a modern society. It is not far the future in which to automate our home and add a “smart” name will be as common as the distribution of smartphones today. That’s why we, at VAiOS, have looked at the next step in development – machine self-learning. Not only the home, but the smart home – to own a home that “learns” from your behavior.

Inspired by the children

Every successful man-made technological creation has borrowed more than 90% of its functionalities from nature. Today’s ideologues in the creation of high technology are similar.


In the development of smart homes, it has been a problem for many manufacturers to provide the most appropriate service complex included in a smart home. We at VaiOS, have solved this problem by building our systems and manufacturing on a modular basis. Like the principle of lego-constructors – block by block. This has relieved our work, helped us and our customers. So, customers build systems with just as many blocks as they need and pay only for services they will use without having to have something they do not need.

Another problem we have borrowed as a solution from nature is  the machine self-learning Every parent knows how children teach. They follow and copy their parents’ patterns of behavior much more than listen to the words and advice they give them. We applied this principle in the software, called machine learning. We called it VAiOS AiL (Artificial intelligence Learn). No, it is not exaggerated to call it an artificial intelligence, because “it” learns while it is watching you.

What is machine self-learning in a smart home?

Machine self-learning VAiOS AiL is a software development that adds more intelligence to your smart home. This is the part of the system that tracks your habits and your behavior and repetitive action. For a period of time (as long as it is needed to define it as repetitive behavior), the system “monitors” and tracks your behaviors, taking into account repetitive behaviors. Once the required amount of repetition information has been collected, the system notifies you by asking your permission to activate the assistant (as we call her Ailyn). The assistant begins to activate in the observed sequence everything step by step.

How the Assistant works (VAiOS AiLyn) in the smart home

For example: Every morning you get up at 6:30 to prepare for work. Take a shower, make coffee, dress up, get on the car and go to work. For several days, the machine self-learning system (VAiOS AiLyn) monitors and remembers this repeatability. When you confirm the activation of the assistant, it starts activating the alleged devices and systems.

In the morning, at 06:30, the machine self-help assistant activates the smart control system of the curtains, doors and pulls the curtains in the bedroom.Along with this, it includes the smart multimedia alarm or plays your preferred ringtone melody (if you have triggered it instead of an alarm). Тhe sensors tell the system that you are leaving the bedroom, the assistant activates smart lighting,which prioritizes your way to the bathroom. While bathing,  assistant activates the coffee machine to save time.While you are drinking your coffee, the assistant signales the car’s engine and it is on fire to warm up your car before you go to work. Again, sensors highlight your way to the garage.

Nice start of the day with VAiOS AiL (VAiOS AiLyn).

Machine self-training VAiOS AiL not only makes your life easier but makes it more comfortable and enjoyable. It also optimizes monthly expenses in your smart home.By tracking and repeating your basic daily activities, the machine assistant prioritizes lighting and adjusts room temperature. It also reduces costs in the premises that are not currently occupied. This improves the energy efficiency of the home and saves  from the monthly budget and the cost of utilities.

VAiOS AiL and machine self-learning are generally the future of smart homes that is being launched these days, but their  future is yet to come.

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