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Irrigation systems

One of the most interesting innovations in the smart home are irrigation systems. The convenience and ease of these irrigation systems offer users the option of mobile control. Irrigation systems give you the possibility that your yard or garden in front of your office is always fresh. A series of sensors have been added to them, which monitor soil moisture and protect the plantations from overwatering.

Intelligent irrigation systems are a special development for the automatic distribution of water supply, which significantly increases the efficiency of its use. Such a system will completely free you from worries about green areas.

Intelligent irrigation systems are specially designed for automatic distribution of water supply, which significantly increases the efficiency of their use.

Advantages of irrigation systems

Another advantage that comes with these irrigation systems is the ability to use intelligent schedules, which can ultimately save you money. Using your VAiOS automatic irrigation system, you can pre-program watering hours. Set a value for the soil moisture to be monitored by the sensors. Irrigation systems can also be built with soil heaters. They will save you snowing in the winter or the frosting of crops during the cold months.

Water supply is regulated according to a predetermined schedule. The intelligent controller monitors soil conditions, evaporation and the amount of water used by the plants to deliver the required amount of water in real time. To regulate the water supply, it also uses meteorological parameters: temperature, wind, solar radiation and humidity. For example, if the temperature or rainfall level drops, the intelligent controller will recalculate the water supply pattern based on the basic field variables – soil type, sprinkler application rate and more.

Thanks to intelligent irrigation systems, the condition of the soil can be monitored in real time using a wireless sensor network. It transmits the data to the sensors and then sends the data to your computer or to our cloud-based internet application. Also, your software may combine your data with information from third parties, such as the weather forecast from the National Weather Service. This allows your system to make intelligent decisions about where and when to run water and how much to use. For example, the system can turn on the water immediately if no rain is forecast. If rainfall is forecast, the system can wait, measure the results and recalculate the required amount of water for the plants.

Smart irrigation systems and controllers conserve water much better than traditional irrigation systems. According to the results of various studies, such systems can save up to 50% of water consumption.

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