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Controllers, also called Access Control  Centrals are an integral part of building systems. Controllers submit system control commands to terminal devices or to additional expansion modules. Simply put, this is the “brain” of access control and time attendance systems.

Each controller is a means of controlling certain processes and is in connection with automated equipment.

It’s just a small device that focuses on processing incoming signals from engineering and consumer equipment. Based on incoming information, controllers take decisions. In particular, controllers can be used in alarm systems, lighting equipment, multimedia, smart home, smart office, engineering utilities and more.

Standalone access control terminal – controllers VAiOS KA1



In the VAiOS product series, there are models of centrally controlled controllers as well as those performing roles in central or expansion modules. Except for the KA1 series, which is a standalone controller and reader for access control in one.Our other controllers have modern LAN modules. They allow easy and fast communication. Our own module development uses unique encrypted code that greatly improves the security of your system.

Access Control Terminal VAiOS KA1

The budget access control solution that VAiOS offers is represented by the VAiOS KA1 stand-alone access control terminal. It is an access control system that is suitable for controlling one door unilaterally. The controller has a built-in reader and the ability to manage elevator systems. Installation and commissioning is extremely easy. Its most common application is to control premises where just access control are needed, with no working time monitoring or more sophisticated automated processes (you can take a look at our WAC4 smart controller series).

The system works with access control accessory such as cards, chips, bracelets at 125kHz. The management and appointment is done through Master Card. This is a good solution for access control at a decent price. The system is easy to install and setup, it is only necessary to ensure power and suitable locking mechanism . The system works with all kinds of locking mechanisms for access control. If you need help in choosing a lock and access control device, you can contact us  as well as check out our article ontypes of locking mechanisms.

Smart controller with network module (LAN) VAiOS Franky WAC4


To meet the higher requirements VAiOS designs and high-end controllers for access control. They are represented by various modifications of the WAC4 controller. The innovative controller allows the implementation of more complex infrastructures. The system is LAN-based, and the communication module, as well as its unique code, are the company’s development. Own communication codes increase security.

The classic connector for a reader replaced with a LAN based RJ45 connector, which is easier for installers. This simplifies installation, reducing the premise of wrong connections and makes servicing of the access control much more quickly and easily. We are sure that all technicians and installers will appreciate this innovation. Our LAN based control system allows easy integration of an alarm system, access control system and control of various electrical processes through a single controller. This turns WAC4 into a smart  controller for smart home  and automation..

The system works with both – a local server and a  Cloud -based server. This gives flexibility when implementing different projects with different requirements. We can design and manufacture individual access control and time  attendance controllers to suit your needs.

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