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Locking mechanisms

Locks are the necessary electronics to allow access control  и time attendance systems to work fully. Choosing the right electronic locking mechanism is a specific job. It is precisely the different applications and functions that determine the variety of electronic locking mechanisms.

заключващи механизми


Locking mechanisms for your security that we can offer:

  • bolt bolt (mechanical drop bolt);
  • electromagnets;
  • mini electromagnets;
  • bolt bolt;
  • electric strikers;
  • locking mechanisms for glass doors;
  • electronic locking mechanisms for metal and wooden doors and others.

Advantages and disadvantages


Think about the main advantages of electronic locking mechanisms:

  • Reliability is the main advantage of such devices. These mechanisms are hardly opened by attackers. Such devices do not require additional protection because the mechanism that operates the lock is already a guarantee of security;
  • The lack of moving parts in the structures of electromechanical, biometric and invisible types contribute to their long use;
  • Practicality and convenience. Some electronic locks can be opened remotely or without using objects. This prevents the loss of keys or the situation when they disappear at the most inappropriate moment;
  • The economy. Electronic locking mechanisms of the doors consume a minimum amount of electricity, combining ergonomics and reliability;
  • Electromagnetic locks do not depend on weather conditions, so they can be used in places that are influenced by nature. Because of this characteristic should not worry that the device will be damaged because of rain or cold;
  • Electro-mechanical structures do not require continuous power supply. This makes them very economical. The work of such devices have enough batteries that are changed once a year;
  • Biometric devices  have several advantages. In the end, in addition to the main function, they have lights, a notification function when the door is not closed, and its own alarm system alerting the hacking attempt.


  • The main disadvantage of most electronic latches is their dependence on energy consumption. If you can install a battery in the case of electromechanical power supplies then there will be difficult when there is no electricity at other door locks
  • Installation of electronic door type mechanisms is quite difficult. You cannot do the installation by yourself;
  • All electronic locking mechanisms, except electromagnetic, may be affected by water and frost. To protect the device, you need to place a visor or shed over it. If the doors are in protected indoor space, it will not adversely affect them;
  • The installed biometric mechanism may not work if you have a wound or cut of the hand or finger or dirt. To prevent such situations, you need to add several scan options to the device memory.


The right choice of electronic locking devices is the key to a good and trouble-free operation of the access control system. And, of course, to security at the highest level. If you are hesitant about choosing and need help, you can read tips on the types of electronic locks. Or contact our consultants,  who will be happy to help you.

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