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Industrial automation

Industrial automation systems combine control and monitoring through storage and production facilities (grain and water silos, quantities in sewage plants, etc.), and also automates the processes:

  • Tracking queries, deliveries and distribution of commodity turnover;
  • Maintains the necessary conditions to preserve production or to maintain a specific process (fermentation, distillation, etc.);
  • Provides queries about product turnover to analyze processes and others.

Индустриална автоматизация

Industrial automation is a very good way to optimize your production by keeping track of your employees’ working hours or how they spend their working time. For example, through our system, we can track how much time the employee spends on entertainment sites. The system can also act as a supervisor, tuned to remind the employee of the notification to stop with the fun and start working. If working on a production line, for example, there may be a reader with whom the workflow is staged and then stopped.

Advantages of industrial automation

Through our industrial automation system, you can completely modernize your business.

  • You will be able to track inventory and sales;
  • You will be able to bind your supplies directly with your partners and they will be indicated in your system;
  • You will have complete statistics on your business;
  • You will have an internal chat system for easy communication with your employees, patrons and even clients;
  • The Accounting module allows you to go to another level of management at the most important segment of your business, namely finance. In this module you will easily manage your employee files and, most importantly, everything is in one place.

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