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Smart air conditioning

The first question when telling a customer that we offer a smart home is: “Can I control air conditioning over my phone?” Yes, you can run air conditioning over the phone, but this is not a smart home. A smart home is a sequence of interconnection of appliances and systems in your home, giving you control and the ability to improve its energy efficiency. Air conditioning has an essential place in your home because it requires a lot of energy

Smart Air Conditioning (smart air conditioning or so-called intelligent air conditioners) are getting more and more popular. Every manufacturer of air conditioning equipment has the ability to control the air conditioner through a smartphone or tablet by installing an application.

The popular air conditioning control is the ability to choose the room temperature and change it according to the daytime clock. This brings some relief to consumers, but it is not enough. IoT technologies (Internet of Things) are entering the world more and more. This required the creation of air conditioning control over a smart device. We believe, that in addition to control online system, it should have more advantages to call it intelligent part of the smart home.

Benefits and Functionality of Smart Air Conditioning?

Smart air-conditioning and air-conditioning systems should serve not only the luxury and to manage them remotely, but to have a pragmatic application, also:

  • Energy efficiencyEvery home has benefits from cost optimization. Air conditioning and climate systems are among the largest consumers of electricity in the home. This requires the optimization of power consumption for them. Smart air conditioning helps in this direction by monitoring the temperature not only in the premises but also the outside temperature. Thus, according to the set temperature, it even more quickly adjusts room temperature and optimizes costs.
  • Automatically adjust air conditioning according to your preferencesAnother important element for the comfort of users is their particular preferences. That is why our team created the VAiOS AiL (Artificial intelligence Learn) innovation as part of the VAiOS Smart System. This is machine self-learning software.The system gathers information about the needs and desires of people, household action, and consumer preferences. Then automatically enters a phase of Machine Learning. After the required data collection period, the VAiOS AiL system begins to monitor and automatically adjust the room temperature according to the people’s preferences. At the same time, in order to add more comfort and be energetically efficient, it monitors the temperature and the weather outside.
  • Control different temperatures in the premises

    Installing smart air conditioning enables you not only to manage the temperature at home through your smartphone, but also to choose different temperatures in individual rooms. With the help of the system you will be able to choose a more comfortable room temperature, for example, as well as rooms where you spend more time. The temperature in other rooms does not need to be adjusted significantly. This adds further optimization of energy consumption and energy efficiency.

  • Manage air conditioning with voice commandsWould smart air conditioning be an intelligent system if it did not have one of the most popular options – control with voice commands? With smart home / office air conditioning, you have the ability to choose the room temperature. Both through digital commands selected in the app on your smartphone or through voice commands.
  • Scenario programmingWith VAiOS Smart, you get intelligent air conditioning that takes care of your coziness and comfort. With just one command you set the smart air conditioning system in different mode. For example, you can change and set the temperature for the whole home, as well as in individual rooms, whether with digital or voice command from the application.With exemplary command “We’ll have dinner,” the system automatically adjusts the temperature in the dining room according to the preferences of the family. At the same time, the temperatures in other rooms remain unchanged in order to maintain energy efficiency. In the same way, the “I’m Going to bed” command automatically programes the system to adjust the temperature in the bedroom at the desired temperature.

    In combination with the other smart home systems, the same command changes lighting in the bedroom, drops the curtains, and prefers to release calming sounds or melody for a better sleep. Last but not least, the “I’m going to bed” command, given by different family members, programs the temperature in the bedroom of the one from whom is given the command, while still maintaining the level of energy efficiency in the rest of the rooms.

Each smart air-conditioning works both independently and as part of a smart home. Again, using the voice control, you can adjust the temperature in individual rooms and thanks to the command system scenarios – you can program. As part of VAiOS smart systems, smart air conditioning is provided with SSL communication used in the security of bank software. On the other hand, structuring VAiOS smart systems on a modular basis ensures that you will not pay more for electricity than you have used.

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