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Smart lighting

The construction of smart lighting is a leading element in the automation of your smart home. It makes your life easier and more fun.

What makes Smart lighting a favorite?

  • Makes your life more comfortable

You have the option, when you go out, to switch off all the lights in the house with just one button. You can also adjust the intensity of the lighting in all rooms or individually in each room. You can choose the right light to relax fully at the end of a busy day.

  • Reduces electricity consumption
  • Managing Smart Remote Lighting also gives you control over the power consumption of lighting.You have a number of ways you can program your system to reduce your spend:-You can set indications to alert you when you forget lights in a room you are not currently in;

    -Also to program sensors that automatically stop the lights when leaving the room;

    -You have the option to program scenarios to turn on and off lights according to digital and voice commands. For example: “going out” prioritize the power of light to home exit and after you leave, it automatically turns off all the lights;

  • – Also the software extension “machine self-learning” would deactivate part of the residential lighting in the rooms where you stay less. This would also significantly reduce electricity consumption.


  • Improves  securityThe ability to manage home lighting through your phone gives you control to switch lights ON and OFF in the areas you are not currently in. If an unwanted guest invades in your house, you have the option to turn off the lights in the room, to control the doors and windows and restrict the place, until the police comes.
  • Remote controlSmart lighting can be remotely controlled by using your smartphone or tablet. You can check if your home lighting is ON, when you are not at home. And stop it, if you have forgotten a lamp, but also, you can set the lights and look as if you’re home.

How can you manage the smart lighting system?

It is assumed that all communication with the system of smart lighting would be processed through your smartphone. In most cases. The good thing is, however, that the smartphone is not the only device to manage the system with.

  • Management of smart lighting by touch

When installing a smart lighting system, touch screen monitors can be installed at a certain distance. They communicate directly with the smart home and can be programmed “from the inside”. The control via tablet and smartphone allows access and remote control from anywhere in the world, where you have internet access.

  • Activation and deactivation from motion

According to your wishes and needs, the Smart Light system can be equipped with motion sensors. They report the presence or absence of a person in the room.

  • From anywhere at home

According to the customer’s wishes, the system may be equipped with a portable tablet. It plays the role of a remote control that controls the smart home, and in particular smart lighting, wherever you are in your home / office. The tablet can be set up to function and communicates with the system only on the home territory. The search engine of it’s browser may be restricted to limit it’s use for non-home-based activities.

  • Managing of smart lighting through a smartphone or tablet

Access to the system of smart lighting over the Internet, allows you to control it from anywhere where you have internet access. The phrase “We live in our smartphones” may have and not only a negative hue. By controlling the lights, you optimize your electricity costs and improve your energy efficiency.

  • Through a computer

All VAiOS smart systems are built on web-based software. By entering a username and password you can control the system by any device that has an Internet connection. Computers and laptops as part of these devices give the same capabilities. Their advantage is that while working in the office, you can with two clicks to adjust the system in your home or office without distractions taking a different device.

Program scenarios for your convenience

As part of VAiOS smart home / smart house / smart office, you can program smart lighting for certain scenarios and lighting behavior in situations. For example, “at home” or “out”.This way, the system will change its functions with only one click or voice command.

Also, different users can, according to their preferences, configure situations and scenarios specifically for their needs, interests and desires. For example, when Peter’s girlfriend  – Desi (the son of the host) is visiting, Peter’s command “we will watch a movie” sets the lighting in his room with the appropriate force for a movie night. And combined with smart multimedia , Peter sees on the TV screen automatically presented movie suggestions he can watch.

Where does VAiOS AiL place a machine self-learning in smart lighting?

The innovative VAiOS development is the integrated self-learning module – VAiOS AIL. This innovation monitors the behavior of people who most often visit the home. Then it begins to “presume” and automatically adjust the person’s preference in the room.

Often our daily repeats. Especially on weekdays in the morning before work and in the evening after we get back. Here is the VAiOS AiL application and its machine self-learning capabilities. Allows you to rest fully, delivering the most suitable and relaxing shades of light. And in combination with the rest of the smart house, it saves you time by preparing the morning coffee while you take a shower, for example.

Smart lighting, built as VAiOS smart system, gives you the possibility to activate and deactivate it, to check and control the system through a web-based platform, accessible through a personal profile, secured with SSL communication (identical to the one used for banking software) from anywhere with Internet access.

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