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Video Surveillance (CCTV) is one of the most common technical means of protection. It is used actively in the security systems of a wide range of large public and retail buildings, as well as in apartments, offices and private homes. The main attractive quality of video surveillance is the ability not only to detect a security breach, but also to visually observe the situation.

Surveillance is one of the most effective ways to protect your property and personal integrity. Installing such a system will allow the recording of events. Which in the event of an incident will be undoubted evidence if any crime has been committed. The purpose of a properly designed CCTV system is to enable the situation in controlled areas to be evaluated in real time. Hence reducing the response time in an emergency. And to ensure that the most appropriate measures are taken to protect and counteract emerging threats.

Surveillance increasingly finds application as integration into smart homes, automation of buildings and business automation. It can be used on its own and as part of other systems:



Benefits and Effectiveness of Video Surveillance

The use of CCTV as part of an integrated security system makes it possible to significantly increase the effectiveness of security as a whole. Here are some benefits:

  • Ability to reduce the number of staff serving the security system;
  • This will reduce the cost of securing an object;
  • Organize a 24-hour automatic video surveillance of the situation;
  • Create video archives
  • In the event of a breach signal, a reliable classification of the infiltration or false alarms of the fire detection systems;
  • Determining the nature of the breach;
  • Determining the location of the violation;
  • Determining the direction of movement of the offender and taking the necessary measures;
  • Opportunity to increase the security and convenience of both the administration and employees.

Surveillance in offices – advantages:

  • Visual control of the movement of customers;
  • Ensuring the safety of employees, visitors and material assets of the company;
  • Rapid response to illegal actions;
  • Control of the situation in the area or adjacent to the office building.

Areas of application of video surveillance

Video surveillance in financial organizations: banks, exchange bureaus, pawnshops and others. The main features are security, access control, time tracking, providing evidence base in case of conflict with clients.

Surveillance in production sites, industrial zones: quality control of work, preservation of property by theft. Timely response to emergency situations that can maintain the integrity of equipment and human life.

Surveillance in shopping centers and shops: ensuring the safety of visitors and staff. Prevention of theft, control of cash operations.

In our hectic and dynamic everyday life, the use of CCTV as part of integrated security systems or in addition to the alarm system is recommended. The security system is able not only to warn the owners of intruders’ intrusion – the very existence of such a system is deterrent. Criminals do not want to take the risk if they think their penetration plan may fail and their faces are captured with video cameras.



Every site in need of monitoring has its own technical parameters, requirements and budget that we are fully committed to by VAiOS. We work and are in daily contact with all major digital and analog video surveillance companies – Hikvision, Bosch, Siemens, Axis and others. Based on your budget and the desired quality, our team will choose, design, deliver and install the most appropriate system and solution. In addition, with our distinctive software and hardware solutions, you can easily integrate your video surveillance system with other security systems.

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