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Alarm systems

Alarm systems (signaling equipment) are undoubtedly the most common technical means of protecting property. VAiOS is a manufacturer of alarm systems. This gives us the flexibility and the opportunity to offer low prices for signaling equipment (SOT). On the other hand, we can easily implement it in a smart home, building automation or business automation. Automated scenarios can be organized. For example, when you leave your home or office through access control, the SOT system is automatically activated. Our innovative alarm systems allow you to control and monitor the status of the security system through your phone or other device with Internet access.

алармени системи

The use of such systems is intended to prevent malicious access to parts (certain security zones). Or the whole object with motion detection devices, perimeter guards, suitable for yards and fences, or glass break detectors. Alarm systems include analog or digital sensors, door and window sockets, controllers, sirens. The types of sensors are divided into volumetric (infrared), magnetic, impact (vibration) and broken glass. The control panel (control panel) serves to connect the sensors and the entire periphery of the system. Door and window magnetic contacts are placed at the entrances and vulnerable areas. The siren is connected to all guarded areas and its sound signaling warns of any attempt to invade.


The integration of the SOT with the other security and electrical systems in building automation ensures reliable system operation and high efficiency. Contact us to learn more about the pros and cons that such a union could bring about your business or the security of your home and property.

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