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Hospital systems

Hospital automation are software and hardware systems for healthcare collected in one system – mobile, fast and efficient. Sounds amazing right? We, by VAiOS, have achieved this – a software and hardware solution for complete automation of hospitals. Web based software with hardware security. The fact that the hospital system is web-based allows for the avoidance of a number of problems in the work and care of patients. Provides secure access from any computer or mobile device with an Internet connection and is compatible with all operating systems.

A platform that eliminates all the other software needed to run the hospital. The system allows all staff to communicate with each other, to advise on relevant issues. By means of hardware solutions, hospital automation systems allow for quicker response and notices. One example that can be given is that pressing a button from a hospital bed does not require the doctor to go to a registry. He receives a notification of his mobile phone and directs himself directly to the room where a touchscreen monitor with a built-in reader is installed and the doctor only needs to be checked using a bracelet that authorizes access. Hospital automation systems also have many other benefits, such as building energy efficiency, patient allocation, and integration of all security systems, which contributes to reducing the increasingly common problem of incidents and attacks on hospital staff.

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