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Public address systems

Pubic address and sound systems broadcast voice messages in case of fire, evacuation, disaster, accident or simple information messages. Their installation is most common in public utilities such as large shops, malls, hotels, hospitals, administrative centers and more.


Depending on their type with these systems, you can pre-record messages to be broadcast as needed. For example, to instruct people on the site and guide them during an evacuation or in case of another situation. Most often, the sound and announcement systems are combined with the fire alarm systems, from which they receive a fire signal. Especially for bombs, terrorist acts and others when a rapid response and timely organized action is needed, a key role in evacuation also occurs. Audible and disclosure systems can simultaneously notify large groups of people located in different locations in the building.

VAiOS works with some of the most reputed brands for object disclosure and sound. We also offer design, installation and maintenance of the systems.

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