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Building Management Systems (BMS)

Building automation systems  – this is a complete automated system designed to solve the tasks of operational control and management of the technological processes of residential buildings, office buildings, hotels commercial and entertainment complexes. They allow you to automate the management of all engineering systems of one or more buildings from one console.

This is a civilized approach to optimize the performance of components and systems to ensure maximum comfort and cost optimization. The main goal is to reduce operating costs. It is possible to automate each subsystem (electricity, heating, water supply, air conditioning). The construction of building automation systems (BMS) allows control of energy consumption throughout the building. In this case optimization and reduction of energy consumption is achieved. Also, access levels, signaled in damage and malfunctions, reduces management costs. VAiOS develops entirely individual projects tailored to the needs and requirements of its customers and consumers.

BMS is a system, that is used to monitor and manage mechanical, electrical and electromechanical services in the facility. Such services include power supply, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, pumping stations, elevators and lighting. BMS-related systems typically represent 40% of the building’s energy consumption. If lighting is included as in the project, this figure reaches 70%.BMS systems are a critical component for managing energy demand. Improperly configured building automation systems – BMS – are thought to represent 20% of the energy consumption of buildings.


Main Benefits of BMS Building Automation Systems

Observe electrical equipment and key assets

  • Distinction between mechanical and electrical energy;
  • Monitor Transformers, Circuit Breakers, PDU, ATS, UPS, Generators and Condenser Banks.

Improve the response to power problems

  • Тake alarms on the power system quickly;
  • View chronological sequences from time alarms.

Find out power factor, harmonics and voltage disorder

  • Reducing energy losses;
  • Prevent equipment damage.

Detecting errors and diagnosing key electrical problems

  • Identify and correct inconvenient journeys;
  • Avoid interruptions in identifying areas for improvement or adaptation.

Tracking energy consumption and cost allocation

  • Measurement of pipe and non-electrical appliances;
  • Assigning costs to customers, departments, floors or areas.

системи за сградна автоматизация

Construction of building automation systems

VAiOS BMS is a web-based platform:

  • Available online with your personal access, broken down by the purpose of each account;
  • Security is implemented through an SSL protocol (as used for banking software services);
  • All this is with added security by backing up on a local server, as a backup option in the event of a stop-over or another overtime.

Building automation systems developed by VAiOS are built on a modular principle, in the design of a constructor. Built in this way to the master control module, an unlimited number of modules can be added in practice. They perform different functions together and individually. Their management is through a common software platform. This makes our smart systems extremely flexible and easy to combine, allowing us to fulfill the wishes of our customers. By looking at automation market research, we focused on developing customer-centric customized BMS systems to address problems that existing systems do not handle or cost more when they are upgraded.

системи за сградна автоматизация

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