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Hotel systems

Hotel systems – VAiOS Hotel System (VHS) are a comprehensive solution for all hospitality industry challenges. One of the innovations we developed is transforming the hotel into a SMART HOTEL. By integrating a series of hardware modules and VHS software, hoteliers can optimize consumption within the hotel, analyze performance results, forecast, and adjust according to demand.

As part of VHS, access to the platform is granted through username and password. Each user (from hotel owners to guests) has an independent virtual profile with specific rights and access levels within the platform. One of the innovations introduced in VHS is the ability to manage rooms and processes in the hotel at a SMART HOME level. Simultaneously, you have monitoring and control over unified processes for all rooms in the hotel, as well as other facilities (restaurant, fitness, pool, etc.). By using hotel systems, guests have hotel amenities at their fingertips via their phones. Communication with reception staff is monitored by the manager at any time.

Hotel Systems

Advantages of Hotel Systems

Hotel automation includes a range of processes that streamline business and monitoring commitments:

  • Automated access and payment options via bracelet/card;
  • Two-way communication: Reception-Rooms;
  • Control over expenses for specific rooms, improving energy efficiency;
  • Guests can track their expenses at any time, where and when they were made;
  • Overall automation helps optimize hotel time and resources;
  • Personalized accounts for staff, suppliers, clients;
  • Infrastructure upgrade to match hotel spaces: pool, sauna, solarium, etc.;
  • Location in the hotel, enhancing security;
  • Capability to expand hotel systems with a series of monitoring sensors for utilities consumption;
  • Hotel systems enable communication between reception (staff) and hotel guests without requiring a physical meeting.
  • Through software, customers can order additional hotel services (TV, food, Spa procedures, etc.) via their phone or computer while relaxing in their room and browsing other sites.

Built hotel systems with modules and readers not only in rooms, but also in other areas of the hotel give hoteliers insight into their customers’ habits. At the same time, the built credit system in VHS allows payment for services used. Without the need to carry cash, credit, or debit cards. Each customer is provided with a personal card, bracelet, or chip. They have a unique code linked to their user account in the system. At each check-out, the system records the sale and deducts the required credits based on the programmed tariffs from the pre-deposited amount.

Functionality of Hotel Systems

Automation with VHS hotel systems transforms the building into a Smart Home. Managing electrical consumers allows owners to optimize and reduce unnecessary electricity consumption. On the other hand, the implemented Smart Home features pre-programming and manual scenarios according to customer preferences. For instance, upon customer check-in to the room, the air conditioning can automatically adjust to set temperatures, the television turns on to a specific channel, and the lighting adjusts to create a suitable ambiance.

To learn more about Smart Home systems, read our blog article “What is a Smart Home system and its benefits?”

Every profile in VHS hotel systems is personalized and has specific rights to perform tasks. Staff members can monitor activities of suppliers and clients to a level that allows them to carry out their tasks without infringing on personal rights. In turn, each supplier profile enables communication with staff for precise coordination of deliveries.

Efficiency of Hotel Systems

Through the system of readers and card check-ins, VHS tracks the location of everyone in the hotel. Depending on the access level and rights of the respective account, movements of employees or hotel guests can be monitored. This provides additional security and convenience. At the same time, through their account, hotel guests can track the current location of their children in the building, ensuring them the necessary peace of mind.

Hotel systems offer the possibility to expand automation. Additionally, monitoring of electricity, water consumption, and other utility services in the hotel is possible. This option optimizes costs and enhances the energy efficiency of the hotel.

One of the expansions of VHS hotel systems is work time control. Through the dual-track readers installed at room entries and exits, hoteliers optimize the working hours of their employees and reduce the chances of misuse. Installing access control for entrance doors allows you to monitor access to every location even from a distance. It also tracks visitor entries to ensure the safety of people and property. The software also simplifies accounting by automating Form 76 (for work time).

Additional room-modules (fitness, restaurant, pool, bars) can be added to the VHS system, where guests can use their cards or online accounts for orders or as a payment system. Hoteliers can monitor turnover and stocks in different locations within the complex and tailor their services according to demand.

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