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Hotel systems

Hotel Systems – VAiOS Hotel System (VHS) are the single solution for all hotel problems. One of the innovations that we have developed is turning the hotel into SMART HOTEL. By integrating a set of hardware modules and VHS software, hoteliers can optimize hotel use. Analyze results of work done, predict and adjust according to demand.

As part of VHS access to the platform is accomplished by entering a name and password. Every user (from the hotel owner to the guests) has a standalone virtual account with defined rights and access levels in the platform. One of the innovations introduced into the VHS is that you can manage SMART HOME rooms and processes at the hotel at the same time. At the same time, you have monitoring and control of process integration for all rooms in the hotel as well as other rooms (restaurant, fitness, swimming pool, etc.). By using hotel systems, guests have the hotel’s extras in a click away from their phone. Communication with reception staff is monitored by the manager at any time.

Хотелски системи

Advantages of hotel systems

Hotel automation has a number of processes that ease business and monitoring and reporting engagements:

  • Automated access and payment with bracelet / card;
  • Two-way communication: Reception-Rooms;
  • Controlling the cost of a room, improving energy efficiency;
  • Guests can track their costs at any time, where and when they are made;
  • Complete automation helps to optimize the time and resources of the hotel;
  • Customized accounts for staff, suppliers, customers;
  • Upgrading the infrastructure according to the hotel premises: swimming pool, sauna, solarium, etc .;
  • Option LOCATION IN THE HOTEL, enhancing  security;
  • Ability to upgrade hotel systems with a series of sensors to monitor the use of public utilities;
  • Hotel systems provide the opportunity for communication between the Reception (staff) and hotel guests without the need for a physical encounter between them.
  • Through the software, a customer can order additional hotel services (TV, food, SPA procedures, etc.). Through your phone or computer while resting in the room and surfing other sites.

The built-in hotel systems of modules and readers, not only in the rooms but also in the rest of the hotel’s premises, gives hoteliers a glimpse into the habits of their customers. At the same time, the built-in VHS credit system allows payment for the services used without the need to carry money, credit or debit cards. Each customer is provided with a personal card, bracelet or chip that has unique code associated with his user account in the system. At each checkout the system reports sales and, according to the programmed rates, withdraws the required amount of credits from the pre-deposited amount.

Functionality of hotel systems

Automation with VHS hotel systems turns the building into a Smart Home. The management of electrical consumers enables owners to optimize and reduce unnecessary power consumption. On the other hand, Smart Home has the ability to pre-and manually schedule scenarios according to customers’ wishes. For example, by checking the customer entering the room, the air conditioner automatically adjusts to certain degrees, the TV switches on a specific channel , and the lighting adjusts to a certain power to create a suitable setting.

Each VHS hotel system profile is customized and has certain rights to perform its tasks. Employee staff can monitor the activities of vendors and customers to the level that they perform their tasks without violating everyone’s personal right. In turn, the profile of each vendor enables communication with staff to better coordinate deliveries.

Effectiveness of hotel systems

Through the system of readers and the VHS card scanning, they track the location of everyone in the hotel. According to the level of access and the rights of the respective account can be monitored the movement of hotel staff or guests, which gives extra security and amenities. At the same time, again through their account, the hotel guests can trace where in the building are their children in the moment to provide them with the necessary tranquility

Hotel systems have the option of expanding the automation and tracking (monitoring) the electricity and water consumption and other utilities in the hotel. This option optimizes costs and increases the hotel’s energy efficiency.

One of the extensions of VHS hotel systems is working time control. Through a system of bilateral tracking readers at the entrances and exits of the premises, hoteliers optimize the working time of their employees and reduce the possibilities of abuse. The software also relieves accounting by subtracting form 76 (for working hours)

Additional room modules (fitness, restaurant, pool, bars) can be added to the VHS system where guests can use their cards or online accounts for orders or as a payment system. Hoteliers can track the turnover and goods in different locations in the complex and adjust their services according to demand.

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