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Accessories for access control and  time attendance are the devices with which consumers have the greatest reach. Often these are access control chips, cards, silicone bracelets with a built-in chip. But there are other products that help the system work. These are the evacuation buttons and the exit buttons. The latter tends to be non-touch buttons.

Types of access control accessories

Access control accessory – chips, cards and bracelets are different types. It is good to think and consult with specialists before buying or ordering these devices. The chips can be engraved with the company logo while the cards can be printed and serve as a badge.


One of our latest innovations is to combine smart watches or modern fitness bracelets with an access control chip. The latest trends are to replace the classic keys with a chip or a bracelet to control access. So with a small device you can unlock the home, the office, the entrance doors, the garage, the villa, even your car. We think in the future that these physical unlocking electronic devices will be replaced by smartphone programs. This is something our team is working on.

Smartphones – the new access control accessory

Phones are the new access control accessory and security systems in general. Smartphone is the thing without we no longer leave home. To such an extent, we are accustomed to helping us in our daily lives, that it is a little difficult to imagine living without it. Not to mention that while we are indoors – at home, at the office, at work, in the store,we spend most of the time dealing with these mobile devices. This is an irreversible process, and with the development of technology, we are increasingly using them. Some define this as a dependency, but it does not necessarily mean that it is identified as a negative for the human process. Rather, we need to strive for symbiosis with technology. Processes of mutual benefit and people to get the most out of technology.

In the era of uninterrupted communication, the smartphone is one of the things that a vast majority of the population has and uses. More and more services are being used over the phone. Such as payment, online banking, our entire correspondence, diary, to-do list.Access control and access control accessories are no exception. A step in this direction is the use of protectors for phones with a card space. There are currently very trendy treadmills with a special card slot. This is a physical union of both devices. It ensures that by taking the smartphone you will not forget your “keys” – in this case the opening tool. This is a pragmatic solution that works, however, and is only convenient for maps. It can not put a chip, a bracelet, or something more bulky. But for us the treadmills that physically integrate access control accessory are just one step.

The contribution of mobile applications

Mobile applications are the real contribution and much greater convenience when it comes to optimization of access control systems and accessories. And the software that works with them. With the software application program (APP), the phone becomes the unlocking tool. Thanks to the innovative VAiOS systems, you can now use your phones as a universal access control and key accessory. Separate functions for automation and shutdown of alarm systems, electricity and lighting  can be found in other sections of the site.

Using a modern APP-Phone removes the commitment of the access control system and the software to a particular device. With  VAiOS web-based software, whether you’re using a tablet, phone, laptop or even a desktop computer, you can access your system regardless of where you are. Another convenience for mobile applications is notifications. This way you are informed about what happens at any time.

There is a process in which we replace keys with a chip or card. However, it replaces our main access control accessory – the key, with another physical device – a card, a chip, a bracelet. Trends in access control systems are to further develop their software security. And thus the physical locking / unlocking tool means to be replaced by virtual one. The  access control systems  and software will not pass concentration of services, products and features in a single device such as a phone. Smart devices and our phones will gradually become the main accessories for access control and unlocking.

If you want to learn more about the latest developments in the field of access control and time attendance accessories, contact us.

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